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These Books are a MUST READ!

Hamptonians that Write… Never Play With a Woman’s Heart by Dana Hubbard Fellow Hamptonian’s latest release is love and agony set among Historically Black Colleges and University characters. Dana Hubbard’s Never Play With a Woman’s Heart has characters from Hampton and Howard, encased in complicated circumstances and consequence of love and lies. Stand Your Ground […]

1. “Dream no small dreams.”

If you are a student at Hampton, then you have definitely heard our president, Dr. Harvey, say this at least once. Too often, many of us find ourselves underestimating the actuality of our dreams becoming a reality. We make endless excuses for why that restaurant we would like to open wouldn’t be successful or why […]

5. “You didn’t choose Hampton. Hampton chose you.”

Let’s face it. Everyone can’t be a Hamptonian. Everyone can’t possess the class, passion, work ethic, poise and talent that our institution bestows upon us. It’s one thing to be someone who goes to Hampton, but it’s another thing to be someone who goes to Hampton, but comes out as a Hampton Woman or Hampton […]