These Books are a MUST READ!

Hamptonians that Write…

Never Play With a Woman’s Heart by Dana Hubbard
Fellow Hamptonian’s latest release is love and agony set among Historically Black Colleges and University characters. Dana Hubbard’s Never Play With a Woman’s Heart has characters from Hampton and Howard, encased in complicated circumstances and consequence of love and lies.

Stand Your Ground by Victoria Christopher Murray
Margaret Walker is one of my all time favorite writers and Carolyn Brown, author of Song of My Life: A biography of Margaret Walker helps to expose the life of this literary giant to those that may be unfamiliar with her story.

Mischiefmakers: Dark Macabre by Maasi Smith
A spine-tingling tale, Mischiefmakers is an eerie story of a homeless woman who becomes entangled between two dimensions. Melissa Shelton is enticed by the gifts from the netherworld, clouding her judgment as she becomes the unwilling participant in a plot by lost souls. Caught between two kingdoms, the Lost Souls of Asylum need Melissa in their quest to escape their abyss. She is unaware of the evil that follows her and protects her. Those who become aware are swiftly dealt a mortal blow.(Posted from

 P.G. County by Connie Briscoe
Affairs and deceptions abound in this dynamic novel. Set in an affluent area of Prince Georges County, Maryland, the story opens on the morning of Bradford and Barbara Bentley’s daughter’s wedding. Just before the guests arrive, Bradford’s negligee-clad mistress drives her car through the wedding tents in a jealous rage. (posted from