1. “Dream no small dreams.”

If you are a student at Hampton, then you have definitely heard our president, Dr. Harvey, say this at least once. Too often, many of us find ourselves underestimating the actuality of our dreams becoming a reality. We make endless excuses for why that restaurant we would like to open wouldn’t be successful or why that law firm we would like to start would plummet before the public even knows how great of a lawyer we are.

In fact, have you ever heard of Phil Knight; the founder of Nike? Well this $19 billion brand that we all know and love, started in the trunk of Knight’s car. His car. Let that sink in for a few seconds. You are Phil Knight. We are all Phil Knight. The dream he started in the trunk of his car may be the dream you start at the desk in your dorm room. Success stories like his doesn’t require the person to be “extraordinary.” The risks that you are willing to take to execute your dream is the extraordinary part. So dream no small dream, my fellow Hamptonian. Your aspirations may open doors and bring you opportunities that you thought were far beyond your reach.

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