2. “Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best.”

Self explanatory, right? A Hamptonian should never settle for anything mediocre, for settling brings nothing more than a life of mediocrity. Reaching for the “next best thing” does not have to start in your adult life or career. Moving up into a higher position of a campus organization that you are involved in, embracing new opportunities, or simply exceeding in the classroom, are all acts of success that can begin in your undergraduate experience. And of course, your “best” comes with time. Just because you don’t feel as though something is your best work at that very moment does not mean that the progression that you are longing for will not come. Progression is all about its two P friends: patience and perseverance. Then, once you begin to excel at the little things, your hunger for wanting to accomplish the big things will thrive even more. And post graduation, being “good” at your perspective responsibilities will no longer be the goal. The goal will become being the best. And when you become the best well, that brings me to the next quote.

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