3. “What do you call a Hamptonian five years after graduation? A boss.”

During my freshman year, Scripps Howard went on a media trip to New York City and one of our stops included BET. When we arrived, we were in a room with a number of BET executives and the majority of them, were Hamptonians. So of course we started talking about Hampton and representing our classes (shoutout to Quintessence!), then suddenly, one of the executives said aloud and proudly, “What do you call a Hamptonian five years after graduation?” In unison, the entire room, with the exception of myself, responded, “A boss!” He was so excited to know that this saying was still around at his alma mater and I was so excited to find out that we even had a saying as such!

Although this quote may be a new one for current Hamptonians, after talking to alum about their time at Hampton, it isn’t a new one at all. Hampton graduates are known for doing amazing things after graduation. Many go off and gain accolades in their perspective fields, start their own businesses, create non-profit organizations to give back to their communities or accomplish all three and then some. Hampton University is known for being the standard of excellence, and that excellence is implanted within its students no matter where we are in the world.

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