5. “You didn’t choose Hampton. Hampton chose you.”

Let’s face it. Everyone can’t be a Hamptonian. Everyone can’t possess the class, passion, work ethic, poise and talent that our institution bestows upon us. It’s one thing to be someone who goes to Hampton, but it’s another thing to be someone who goes to Hampton, but comes out as a Hampton Woman or Hampton Man. Take advantage of that transition because it is one that you will not get anywhere else. Build life long relationships. Connect with alum in your perspective field. Inspire prospective students to enroll in your university. Be as involved on campus as you want to be in the world. You were selected to be a Hamptonian for a reason. So it’s time to dig deep into that divine purpose and use that Pirate pride to impact your life and the lives of others. Because being a Hamptonian is the shrine of our heart’s adoration.

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